My Writing

I intend for this site to both showcase and enable my writing practice. Read the current attempt to explain what I mean by that. To get the latest writings, subscribe to the RSS feed. (RSS?) To get irregular roundups, subscribe to my email newsletter.

Blog posts that I'm rather pleased with or that I'd like to draw your attention to.

Word Practice

Writing to see what happens when I write.

  • Heritage Socialism – a working definition
    First stab at defining a term I came up with and think is worth developing.
  • Dome Up
    We built a geodesic dome in the back garden and it is awesome.
  • Economics and Epidemiology
    The pandemic has shown us how a lot of things we took for granted actually work.
  • Photographs as data
    A rough draft at introducing the base concepts for machine learning and image recognition.
  • The Practice of Words
    I've been thinking about how I can run my websites to best serve my writing.