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The Edmund Trebus Memorial Site

Edmund Trebus died on 29th September 2002 in London. He was born in 11th November 1918 and was married with five children.

He reached the public consciousness in the BBC documentary A Life Of Grime which showed his heroic determination to hoard what most people call rubbish in his house and garden.

I did not know Mr Trebus and have no connection with his family whatsoever, but when I posted a note of his death on my site I was stunned not only by the numbers of visitors and comments I received but also by the dearth of information about him on the internet. So I decided to start this page.

Please make use of the comments facility below to leave any memories, thoughts or links relating to Edmund Trebus. If you have photos, and cannot put them online yourself, please in jpeg format.

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Edmund Trebus

Who was Edmund Trebus?

Guardian obituary
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Interview with Mike Cording, senior environmental health officer for Haringey

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