Urban Beachcombing

We went for an evening stroll around the neighbourhood and noticed a gap in the fence of what was, I learned from Fi, the site of the former Philip Harris Medical Centre in Stirchley. It’s here on the map and it now looks like this:

Stirchley Wastepatch 02

Stirchley Wastepatch 01

Recently I’ve been on the lookout for interesting bits of metal. I’m not sure why, other than random bits of metal have always interested in me in some way. So, having explained to Fi that I couldn’t explain what made a piece of metal interesting, I’d just know when I saw it, we had a bit of a hunt.

Here’s the results.

Stirchley Wastepatch Findings

What I’ll do with these I do not know. Maybe turn them into some kind of arty art. Maybe store them in a ice-cream tub in the shed. But there they are. Interesting pieces of metal.

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