Misty’s and Brute Force

Last week I saw Misty’s Big Adventure play a rare gig with Brute Force. It was the first time I’d seen Misty’s in far too long and I enjoyed it immelsley. Brute was also wonderful, like a camp Martin Landau crossed with The Muppet’s Sam The Eagle. Here’s my favourite photo of the evening.

Brute Force 18

It’s all in the eyes.


I took loads of photos. Loads and loads and loads. It was like the good old days when I just let the shutter snap away with nary a care for what it might be capturing because what was on stage be worth it. Here’s the full set and here’s the slideshow, in reverse time order.

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One Response to Misty’s and Brute Force

  1. Russ L says:

    It’s very hard to believe that’s not actually Dennis Healey.