8bit Lounge The Second


At the last minute I remembered 8bit Lounge was on Tuesday night. I’d been throwing tracks into a playlist over the month so I quickly dumped them on a thumb drive and biked over to the Hare and Hounds in the rain to be greeted by rather a lot of people playing multi-player vintage video games in the lounge bar. I recovered myself, loaded the tracks into Leon’s laptop, grabbed a beer and started playing. No prep, no idea which tracks would work, just dove in.

And I think, on reflection, it worked really well. As before I put the tracks into Garageband and made a mixtape. Download the mp3 (37mb) or click on the widget:

Here’s the tracklisting:

Let It Snow – Bit Shifter
Chip-Hop Medley – ShootThen
All Blues – Shnabubula
Black Out Fall Out – Polysics
vbev – Gijs Gieskes
hooke – Ladyscraper
Jew suis une poupee – Stereo Total
Levan Polka – Shirobon!
Last Christmas – Hot Digi

Shnabubula’s All Blues from the Kind Of Bloop album went down very well with three people coming up to ask about it including Bom from Bom And His Magic Drumstick who I was a big fan of when he supported Misty’s back in the Jug of Ale days. That was a special moment for me. And I think I got the balance between amusing, artistic, chin-strokey and poptastic just about right.

Anyway, a top night. I even played my first game of Quake ever. I’m rubbish, as I suspected I would be. Haven’t got the spatial awareness for those first person shooters. Give me something like Mario Kart any day.

The next 8bit Lounge is November 3rd. Be there.

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