8-bit Lounge

At the very last minute it looks like I’ll be DJing at this the first 8-bit Lounge next Tuesday. That’s in five days.


Originally I was asked to bring the Thingamagoop along (as in my “performance” last year) but then I mentioned I’d acquired a rather substantial collection of 8-bit music, like 3 gigabytes of the stuff, and wouldn’t be adverse to playing some. And Leon said “yeah sure, you can have an hour”.

The thing is I haven’t DJ’ed in a live environment since about 1997, back when it was all CDs and Vinyl. How does one DJ with mp3s? Do I just line them up in a playlist and plug in the iPod? Edit together an hour in Garageband? Doesn’t that defeat the object?

Whatever, my set will probably include covers (wanna give A Kind Of Bloop an airing along with 8-bit Weezer and some more obscure interpretations of popular hits) and selections from the ocean of original material out there from the likes of 8bitpeoples.

Do come along. Should be fun!

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