84 T-Shirts

After pondering and threatening it for a while I finally set up the tripod and photographed all my t-shirts. Seems I have 84 at the moment, which isn’t too shabby, although some of the older ones are.


They’re in this Flickr set.

Of course, once you have 84 photos you then need to do something with them. Here’s a video of them in portrait:

And here’s a video of them in close-up:

The music, should it have attracted your interest, is excerpts from the 12 minute remix of 79 versions of Popcorn which seemed oddly apt.

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8 Responses to 84 T-Shirts

  1. ihop says:

    84 shirts and not a single Che one – quite impressive!

  2. sue says:

    The video cheered my Sunday evening up no end. Thanks!

  3. sue says:

    …and The return of the Box Cat was even better…

  4. Isobel and Spike says:

    ‘The T-shirts are colourful like he (Uncle Pete)’

  5. susi oneill says:

    Pete – this is awesome. Trying to work out if you’ve got too many t-shirts or too much time on your hands. Love the Dougal & Blue cat (was that it?) one but very disappointed at the non-inclusion of your very rude Kunt & The Gang T-Shirt – are you getting all coy and censoring it?

  6. Pete Ashton says:

    @susi It occured to me that I fancied the video spreading around a fair bit and in order for that to happen had to compromise. It’s still on teh Flickr!

  7. nicklockey says:

    I share your additiction- currently have 75+ T-shirts of which I probably wear 30ish regularly. But I can’t stop buying the ruddy things and i can’t bear to send the old ones to Oxfam. I think we should set up some sort of support group.

    Or become particle physicists so we can accidentally get zapped with a photon ray like Dr. Manhattan, developing the ability to multiply our bodies infinite times so we can wear all of our t-shirts simutaneously.

  8. trippin-ts says:

    Wow thats pretty cool man 84 T-s