Mosquito Ringtones

Mosquito Ringtones – You'll probably know all about this stuff. A few years back shops started broadcasting very high pitched sounds that only teenagers could hear to stop them hanging around being all young and that. But the kids took this notion and started sharing ringtones for their phones so they could send messages in class without the teacher knowing. Here's a load of downloads at a range of frequencies so you can see how old and decrepit your hearing is. I can barely hear 12khz which puts me in the 50 and above bracket. Too many loud gigs I guess. Where are you?

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3 Responses to Mosquito Ringtones

  1. focalplane says:

    god, I feel old (but I can’t hear it)

  2. Hg says:

    You might have seen me doing this on Tumblr earlier today (albeit with a different site), but in the interests of being social, interactive and so on, here’s my result.

    The highest one I could hear was 14 kHz, which this site scores as “49 and younger”. That’s quite comforting, given that I’m 41 and the next bracket down starts at 39. I assumed that my hearing was worse than average for my age, given the amount of loud music that I’ve listened to over the years.

    You need to go to more acoustic gigs. Or, indeed, give up music completely for the next decade or two.

  3. jack says:

    I can just about hear at 22kHz, which makes me under 18. Or under. & I’m 24. Maybe I haven’t been to enough loud gigs yet?