4am and a liveblog

So after the snow the BBC forecasted more for Birmingham, peaking at around midnight and clearing around three. Since I’d been up til 4ish the last few nights I figured I’d have a bash at Karen StrunksB4AM project where she visits areas of Birmingham at 4am and photographs them. I decided to be unadventurous and pop up to Moseley Village and announced my plans, as you do. It didn’t snow in the end but I did it anyway. I must say, it’s rather cold at four in the morning when it’s been snowing. Brrr. Here’s the photos and slideshow:

Prior to this Ms Geary of, but not for much longer, The Post got in touch. She needed a Mac to livestream some video the next morning starting at 6am. Since I was going to be up anyway, and since I fancied a doing something a bit different and out of my comfort zone for a bit, I said I’d be her last resort, safe in the assumption that Apple or someone would be prepared to lend them a basic computer for a few hours. It would seem not as having done the shoot she was picking me up at 5.30 to go to the ICC to cover an emergency summit on the future of the auto industry. As you do. Here’s the end result.

And now, having been up for 24 hours, I’m gonna get a bit of kip. Only a bit, mind. Gotta meeting with Dan D to learn about servers and stuff at 6.30. Well planned, Pete.

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  1. lom says:

    love these photos