Don’t vote for me, vote CiB

wafinalist2008500x320oz6So it seems I’ve been nominated for a Weblog Award for Best UK Blog. Which would be nice if it meant anything. I mean, I’m grateful to the chap who nominated me – that means a lot – but I don’t really need this. In fact I’m so not bothered that I can’t even be arsed to get my name taken off the list.

But also nominated is Created in Birmingham and that’s worth voting for. Why? Well, for blogs like CiB these things matter. Let me explain.

Last year, when I was running it, CiB was up for a Guardian Media Award which it joint won. While it was nice (and, as it happens, I liked the way they ran their selection and judging so was predisposed to the thing) it didn’t really mean a whole lot to me. I got my recognition from those who read the blog and were inspired by it to start their own, not from some media monolith from the bad old broadcast days.

But a funny thing happened in the weeks and months after the award was announced. CiB was suddenly on the radar of The Big People in the city, not because it had changed its message in any way. Simply because The Big People could now find a point of reference for it. Suddenly Created in Birmingham stopped being that weird website that we can’t control and don’t really understand and became part of the media landscape (albeit a part we can’t control and don’t really understand, but we’re willing to try to now).

So awards do matter for blogs that want to make a difference in a relatively traditional environment. CiB wants to make a difference, whether it’s helping artists connect with each other or fucking with Teh Establishments and their silly ways.

The other reason is the poll is currently being won by Melanie Bloody Phillips of the Daily Mail newspaper, betraying the conservative roots of the Weblog Awards somewhat, and that sort of nonsense cannot be allowed to stand. Not because she’s right wing but because she represents something rotten and evil in our land. (Something which, by the way, seems really fucking strange when you encounter it from abroad. Like a form of insanity.)

So go vote for Created in Birmingham for Best UK Blog. You can vote once every day. Just make sure you don’t vote for me.

(From the vaults: Troubled Diva gets nominated for Best Poof in the 2005 Weblog Awards and expresses similar concerns.)

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3 Responses to Don’t vote for me, vote CiB

  1. Katie says:

    fucking with Teh Establishments eh? mmm I may have to rethink a few things. Viva la CiB!

  2. eightball says:

    i feel compelled to vote for internet grandee just so i see an onstage re-match with scottsih comedian hardeep singh!

  3. Helen says:

    Created in Birmingham has beaten Melanie Bluddy Phillips! Well, *is* beating… whether it continues to beat her or not remains to be seen. Come on people, you can do it!