Ads are back. Kinda.

If you’re reading this on the site (as opposed to the feed) you’ll be seeing a rather brash and obtrusive advert, probably just above these words. And if you’re reading from the feed and come to leave a comment or whatnot you’ll also see the advert.

And then, the next time you load a page on this site, you won’t and never will again. Assuming you’ve got cookies enabled, but who these days doesn’t?

Following on from Haughey’s essay I decided it was time to start milking the random Google visitors with AdSense, but I don’t want to inflict this nonsense on you my loyal readers and, I hope, friends. That Javascript and Cookies tutorial had the goods but they were written in high level nerd and I’m a mere low level nerd. What I need is a plugin. And here it is, the rather cryptically names What Would Seth Godin Do?(via).

In short, it shows you an advert and places a cookie in your browser. The next time you visit it looks for said cookie and if it’s there then you don’t get no ads not never ever again.

So enjoy the ad while it lasts.

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11 Responses to Ads are back. Kinda.

  1. Dave C says:

    And it works :)

  2. Reinder says:

    I might use it.

  3. Jez says:

    You have high-level and low-level the wrong way around. Demonstrates just how high-level you are :)

  4. Ken Davidson says:

    Would the Firefox plugin Adblock stop me seeing the ad? I can’t see at all, regardless of my angle of attack, not even a blank bit or an adblock placeholder. Odd?

    (not that I really should be complaining about not seeing an ad!)

  5. Jez says:

    Me again.

    > Assuming you’ve got cookies enabled, but who these days doesn’t?

    I don’t, at least not by default. I allow/disallow on a site by site basis. I’d like to think I’m not alone :)

  6. Pete Ashton says:

    Ken: Adblock doesn’t block Google ads by default, though it can filter them (I think – I’ve never bothered myself). I dunno what’s going on with you but I wouldn’t worry about it!

  7. Pete Ashton says:

    Jez: In programming terms, yes, you’re right. But as a measure of nerditude I think I’m correct here. For example, while grammatically clunky you could say something was “high level maths” and it would mean it was complicated and not understandable by the layperson, right?

    There’s also the factor of making the sentence (as throwaway as it might be) comprehendable to the rest of my readers. ;)

  8. Jez says:

    Programming isn’t maths :)

  9. Pete Ashton says:

    Which is precisely my point!

    I was not talking about something analogous to programming. I was talking about something analogous to maths.

  10. focalplane says:

    The ads never bothered me. I almost miss them. So often interesting to see how Google bots interprets the text and place an ad that is totally ass-backward to the theme on the site!

    For example, mention your mistrust of carbon-trading schemes and all the ads will advertise those same schemes!

  11. SM says:

    My initial response (I have cookies switched off at home) was that it was just one more ad, and it wouldn’t really affect me. Having thought about it some more, I may actually just take the idea and put it on my site. Yay.