Joomla sucks donkey cock

I’ve been using the Joomla content management system for the last couple of months on Digital Central and have come a conclusion about it.

At first I thought my unease with the system was that it was new and using a different paradigm. I would, I felt, get used to it.

Later I told myself there’s law whereby the more powerful something is the more complex it has to be. Joomla is certainly powerful and it’s certainly complex.

Now, having had to use it on a daily-ish basis for a while I can honest say, hand on heart, that it’s a piece of shit and a hinderance to my work. At least the interface is. It’s the most unintuitive, frustrating thing I’ve had to click my mouse on since I can’t remember when. This is not helped by the project I’m using Joomla for not needing a fraction of its power.

So, my advice if you’re setting up a site and want a content management system? Think very hard about what you need, strip away what you don’t need and use either WordPress or Movable Type. They might be sold as blogging CMSs but they can do much more and they won’t make you want to eat your fist.

Joomla seems worryingly popular in the West Midlands web design world and it’s so often badly implemented. (See the permalink-free Birmingham Words with it’s relative URL feed. Why would you put relative URLs in a feed? How can you be allowed to do so?) A content management system should, I feel, guide you to best practice. Web standards should be at least given a cursory nod. And crufty URLs should be the first thing you try and sort out (can you not run .htaccess from the system?).

I could go on. But I won’t. I’ll save it for my report.

In the meanwhile, please stop using it.

(Google search for Joomla! sucks brings up 219,000 results.)

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44 Responses to Joomla sucks donkey cock

  1. Andy C says:

    Agree completely about Joomla. I have used WordPress and Drupal which are both intuitive and easy to use. Even for an idiot like me.

    With Joomla, I had to resort to a 156 page PDF and still couldn’t build a front page with sidebar. It just felt like it had evolved rather than designed.

  2. James Tate says:

    Have run wordpress for years and have never had a problem. Have you tried PHP Nuke ?? It’s easy to install and use and is a lot lighter than Joomla, but has more features than wordpress/Drupal 9and its still free).

  3. Nick says:

    If you approach wordpress as a website creator rather than a blog maker you can get a great result and have all of the in built advantages of blogs. The only problem is updating from one version to another can be a touch tiresome.

  4. focalplane says:

    Boy, it must suck!

  5. Andy C says:

    BTW I forgot to mention I subscribe to this blog and did not arrive from a search for ‘sucks donkey cock’.

  6. Tom says:

    Having recently done some templating work for Joomla I agree completely, yea it’s open source, yea it’s free but boy do they need someone working on it with a design background.

  7. stuart g says:

    Joomla does suck the big @(#*(#$@(# indeed. No experience with Drupal but I say “yay”

  8. Daniel15 says:

    I agree with stuart g… CMS Made Simple is by far the best CMS I’ve seen :)

    As for Joomla… Even more people are leaving Joomla! now, due to their recent licensing decisions. They are very strictly enforcing the GPL, which means that all non-GPL components will be prohibited (including anything that connects to a non-GPL script). Because of this, some of the best components are being discontinued, and things like the SMF bridge are no longer allowed (as SMF is not GPL). Several of the Joomla! Team members have resigned because of this.
    Take a look at for the announcement, and,181173.0.html and,181172.0.html for forum topics about it.

  9. chuck says:

    Joomla is great. I have gotten several redesign jobs from folks that are stuck with the piece of crap and have to switch to something else. So, please keep using Joomla if you want a complicated, javascript burdened turd of a site/admin. The biggest idiots I know use it. Any takers?

  10. Stacy says:

    Joomla is a very good CMS. The third party development and breadth for joomla is better than many other open source CMS’. Now what sucks about joomla now is the GPL debate…The product now has certainly an ambiguous future at best, as they have estranged the third party developers that made them great. So yeah….now it really does suck!!!

  11. Octagon says:

    “Joomla is a very good CMS.”

    HAahAhaAha! Oh, god thats funny, terrible, TERRIBLE performance, shallow categorization, shit urls, no user roles and if you do use Community Builder for makeshift roles be prepared for a 10MB per user per request hit on your server. yeah its great all right, at rooting out idiots in this industry, its like the poster “chuck” said, this crap CMS known as Joomla! brings me more business then any other broken crap, rickety plank, donkey dick sucking technology in existence and I personally hate it more then the Anti Christ.

    I am so God damn glad to see there are people out there smart enough to see Joomla! as the giant sack of ass that it is.

  12. Steve M says:

    I found this site searching “joomla sucks”, because I’m looking for others who feel my pain.

    I’ve built one site with it and it’ll be my last. I’ve have a reseller hosting account and all of my domains are one one IP, which is typical. Adding a Joomla site is like putting a strange looking complex door on your server that has a bunch of holes in it. Plugging those holes take a lot of work, and hackers like trying to break into that particular kind of door. And you have to stay vigilant and keep plugging the holes as they always open up again and again putting all of your other sites at risk. Upgrades are a nightmare too. Yes, Joomla sucks.

  13. lobos says:

    Move along, nothing to see here – I (and many others) have already proved that non-gpl licensed code can be deployed with Joomla.

    First off:,186705.0.html

    And the silence was deafening….

    Even with the above the solution was rock solid, but wait… :,com_smf/Itemid,28/topic,349.msg4411/#msg4411

    My gosh, how can it be that I look at the license for a few hours and can understand it, while the FSF and OSM have been playing with it for years, yet still haven’t got a clue, didn’t the General Secretary of the FSF actually author the license? This doesn’t compute… RS, RS wherefore art thou RS?

    This is a non-issue, FSF and OSM tried something and failed dismally. It would be quite funny, but the fact is that they have effed up a good platform and lost all credibility.

    And lastly:,com_smf/Itemid,28/topic,550.0/

    Joomla has just lost another fulltime coder, in fact Open Source has lost a “comrade” as well – my code will now be proprietary and encoded. My code will interact with GPL code legally as well; I can now enjoy the best of both worlds, have my cake and eat it too hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Pandora’s box anyone?

    TTFN :)

  14. st1nkm4n says:

    I am modifying a component that runs in Joomla right now. IT IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN! Overly complicated, badly implemented, no documentation–the signs of the shit. It’s taken me hours just to find out how to make a link (as in a HYPERLINK!) from one component to another component. However, to support “chuck” (and possibly myself), I have no choice but to recommend it. HOW CAN PEOPLE WRITE SO MANY COMPONENTS FOR SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT!?

  15. kenneth says:

    I just started with Joomla n im so glad to have found this site.

  16. cred says:

    Bad workmen blame their tools! the only thing that sucks here is people without the talent to use it give up.

  17. Barry S says:

    The only thing joomla’s got going for it is the massive amounts of templates. For usability, it’s a steaming pile and a waste of time.

    The time spent trying get the simplest of a site up was a waste. I’m going back to ‘vi’, seriously.

    And as for cred’s comment, yes, bad workmen do blame their tools. And, the goodworkmen use good tools, and they don’t use joomla

  18. edison says:

    By using the Jommla CMS to start a project, I feel pain in neck since I have used it for almost 1 year.
    -Many extensions just NOT follow the its (Jommla’s) own standard.
    -All contents are static by default
    -Wast too much time to change its source code(just code all the things you need in static PHP may be more faster)

    For many options of CMS, I will choose Drupal

  19. KJK says:

    This stinking great wanking pile of cack has eaten my weekend! Error after error and I have to rebuild. Then I get a blank page! AArgh! If this is the future it can get fucked. There. I said it. I’m going to sign off and put my foot through this monitor now.

  20. nothing says:

    Joomla sucks more than donkey cock, that’s for sure, they are a failed CMS solution and a failed opensource project, they try to come off as being open-source evangelics what a load of piss, there should be a website devoted to joomal sucks donkey cock ha ha

  21. Joomla-hater says:

    I’ve been working with Joomla for some time and I totally agree that this “CMS” is a huge pile of warm and bad smelling shit.

    Development for Joomla 1.5 seems a little bit promising but they still bear the burden of previous versions for years now on, so it will be wise to switch to completely different solution which will have out-of-the-box nice and clean URLs, easy and usable backend, good templating system and easy core upgrades.

  22. Gavin Doolan says:

    I actually arrived here to by typing Joomla Sucks in to Google. I must say I’ve had a bit of a laugh, but first lets remember Joomla is FREE and the efforts of the community should be congralated for their efforts.

    Joomla is not by any stretch of my imagination perfect, infact there are many holes and faults. Joomla 1.5 looks to fix some concerns but in all honesty I think I’ll be looking into Drupal for future websites.

    There are many reasons but for me the most convincing is that its much more user friendly, the documentation on the Drupal site is easier to read and the information easier to find. Drupal is less resource hungry in the long run and a much more well thought out and planned system.

    Joomla 2.0 (should there be one) should really be a re-think not a hang over from the old Mambo system. It needs to be Web 2.0 centric.

    I’d like to compare Joomla to Drupal in the same sense as Windows VS Linux. Joomla is better for the beginner because of its glossy interface and ease to install components. Drupal though is much more powerful secure but not as well promoted.

    The newest version of Drupal though, however are becomming increasingly better and more flexible and user friendly.

    Look out world, here comes Drupal! :)

  23. free tickets says:

    Haven’t used Joomla but I can support the positive views about WordPress. I find it very easy to use and whilst I’m confident with html, I hadn’t used any php. Having now used WP for a few months on both blog sites ( ) and non-blog sites ( ) I have learnt a bit of php and delivered good-ish looking sites very easily.

    A word of caution though .. don’t update to 2.3 yet – far too many bugs.

  24. Ted says:

    I am so happy to have found other SANE people that share my view that Joomla is the biggest hunk of shit I have ever worked with. With all the hype, I was thinking that I was the one missing something. Now I know that it’s not just me.

    BTW – the components are not easy to install when Apache sets ownership to “nobody” every time a script creates a file. This means that you need to contact your web host EVERY TIME you install a module. And the FTP layer that is supposed to work around this does not work. So, blah! Just one example of idiocy.

  25. Alain says:

    Damn…what a luck to find this website…Joomla is the most unfriendly environment I’ve seen in all these years. Removing an existing menu and adding a new one is like inventing warpspeed technology:

    not likely to happen in the next 60 years…

    Why: Joomla sucks

    -urls are like formulas for rocketscience
    -if you think you’ve found out how it works, think again, you don’t
    -Every page needs to have a category and section
    -Very hard to make it not so standard
    -Fucks up your server with a giant load, storage an data
    -All the n00bs are using it

  26. bob says:

    I just tried to install joomla and after a few hrs and still not being able to publish something to the front page I started searching under joomla sucks and found this site.

    Check this out and see what you think.

    I been using it for about a year. I have about 10 sites up and about 10 more for customers. I have 1 site that gets about 1 to 1.5k unique visitors per day and it is rock solid with no problems. I know that is not much but that is what I have to go on. Website Baker is seo friendly with the urls. It does not use the convoluted fukd up publishing system like joomla. Want a page with content? Just fill out a little form and type or paste in your content and it is done.

    I am interested to know what others think of this cms.


  27. Mikon says:

    I installed the piece of shit the other week. After one night I had enough of it.

    Sure, it’s perfect if you absolutely don’t want to write a single line of code ever. Well the UI is pretty awful, but at least it’s got a WYSIWYG editor.

    But as soon as you go under the hood and try to accomplish anything out of the box (and I really mean the simplest task), you’re exposed to some of the ugliest, most verbose code I’ve seen in my life. And forget throwing in a PHP snippet here and there, you have to write modules for absolutely everything.

    It’s an absolute mess held together by gum and bandaids. The only thing they seem to care about is making it look nice on the surface so they can attract millions of clueless users.

    I switched to Drupal, and so far it’s been a love affair :)

  28. Mikon says:

    (I was refering to Joomla in my previous post, haven’t used Website Baker)

  29. codevictim says:

    Thanks for this. Also googled Joomla sucks.

    Chose Joomla out of the CMS jungle because there was a Dreamweaver extension for it. Had hoped the templating would harness the whole MySQL thing. Also had hoped it would be a cinch to modify the abundant skin offerings – but no dice.

    Joomla is so wired – that to do any tinkering at all – even just for the CSS/design/aesthetics stuff, – you’d probably end up buying as many books as you already own and then STILL find you have to hire someone to get everything worked out.

    Will try phpNuke and or WordPress,

  30. whippie says:

    I also googled “Joomla Sucks� out of deep seated frustration and found this most enlightened blog. I have been jerking around with Joomla for the last two years thinking it was me that just didn’t get it.

    I thought that it was a paradigm shift and I just didn’t have the cells to make the shift. Now I know that it is not me, Joomla is just a piece of shit.

    I am a seasoned developer who can knock out a decent site pretty quickly but I have always been looking for something that I could set up and hand over to end users. Joomla seemed to offer this with nice templates, expandability, nice looking end user interface etc. I can’t hand it over because I can’t figure it out!!!! I have muscled up two sites and wound up managing them myself as I have no idea how to explain Joomla to end users.

    For time and effort required to figure how to install it, the pitiful security model, the banal structure, finding/configuring/patching all the modules that you need for everything, making templates, etc., it would just be easier to get out Notepad and code your own CMS from scratch.

    Joomla really does suck donkey cock, but it looks good…….

  31. Dr. Billy says:

    I’ve been working with Joomla (and Mambo before that) since it’s beginnings and I’m sorry to say that it reached to an end.

    Joomla WAS a very handy CMS system but it became to damn big! I used to be able to build very pretty sites with it that were easy to change for my clients. Now I’m sweating for days just to get a simple 2 column website up and running. And I have to provide a big 30 page how to operate-pdf for my clients and thats just for doing simple stuff.

    All this comes from to many programmers running the project. Alan Cooper wrote the book “the inmates are running the asylum” and it’s exactly that! They forget that it has to be used by human beings not NASA shuttle programmers.

    It’s indeed nice to read that others share our insite but I have yet to find another good CMS system.

    I tried to open a discussion on a Joomla forum about setting up a smaller lighter Joomla version but all I got was people saying I was stupied. You see… thats their problem!

    We also have comments but what are our alternatives? It would also be nice if only there would be better themes and templates available. I mean, so many themes and templates I see have cross-browser issues. And to much of my frustration it’s mostly the bigger, expensive ones that are destined to give trouble.

    I love webdesign and I love to help people establish an online business but the above things make me wanna build a cabin in the woods with a bamboo canoe and have a lot less worries!

    It would be a cross-people compliant canoe!

  32. F says:

    I’m currently testing different CMS solutions for a big project I’m working on and I thought why not test Joomla.

    At first it looked nice but then I tried to customize it … and WTF? Could they have done it any more confusing? So yeah I agree Joomla sucks ass.

    So the next step might be to create our own CMS for the project.

  33. Kate says:

    I for one got here by googling “sucks donkey cock” and was sorely disappointed… at first. Then I realized that it’s a Joomla! bashing place. So here are my $0.02:

    Joomla!’s UI blows. Joomla!’s codebase blows. Joomla! modules suck oh so much.

    I have this theory that most of Joomla’s code never runs and is never referenced anywhere. There is just no way in hell that a PHP-based CMS may need that much code. *no way*

  34. James says:

    I’m 15 and I use joomla, I think it’s amazing, easy to modify and powerfull. All you have to do is get used to it and find a few templates you like.

  35. mkd says:

    i agree with Dr. Billy, the people on the joomla forum aren’t friendly at all.

  36. Knox Bronson says:

    Well, speaking as an artist and web developer for small business, and NOT a programmer, I love Joomla. Although Joomla 1.5 truly sucks balls.

    But I can give people quite a nice site in a commercial template with some nice features that they can manage themselves for a very reasonable price.

    I used to use Drupal, but making templates is a pain. I am looking at WordPress these days, also, since the writing is on the wall with Joomla 1.5.

  37. Michael says:

    Joomla is great if you want to spend each and every day of the rest of your life fixing this crap. What a piece of shit. This is after a year if frustration. I thought for sure it was me causing all the frustration, but no it’s this worthless crap that’s made for people that have nothing else to do with their lives but sit at a keyboard.

  38. Mara Alexander says:

    Thank you.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I thought it was just me. I thought I’d lost the rational part of my brain, because I’ve spent 2 weeks trying to port an existing site into Joomla.

    2 weeks of my life I’ll never get back, but the lesson was priceless. 2 weeks extra time added to the project, so my client can edit the site herself. Arggghhhh….

  39. I know how to work with html,php,css, and a little from everything else. Joomla is the most un-user friendly thing i have ever had to mess with. Do not waste you time. I am look for a better cms as of now.

  40. Brian says:

    This might be the greatest support group on the internet! I’m a professional web developer who has seen his share of badly written applications, but Joomla reaches new levels of wtftitude.

    I had a client’s site to create and started with Joomla, but after a week of banging my face into the monitor, I switched to WordPress. Oh the joy of WordPress after dinking around with the catastrophe that is Joomla.

    Who hyped this crap?!

  41. terry says:

    thank you all, i almost did more than install joomla. I have been saved!

  42. Javier Del Coronado says:

    I’ll I can say is F%$K F$$KING Joomla man F%$K them all AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!