I generally leave my window open because it gets a little warm in this attic room in the summer and I smoke while I work. If I’m in nocturnal mode, like at the moment, I tend to get visited by bugs and moths which is mildly irritating but actually not that big a deal. To be honest most of them don’t seem to make it this far up, or they get distracted by the much brighter lights of the factory over the way.

Tonight, as I was hacking away at that Wikipedia entry, a wasp buzzed by the monitor. I ignored it but it seemed pretty persistant. So I got up to kill it. (Wasps can be killed with impunity, I feel. Bees are another matter, but wasps, they can die.) I noticed it had a friend. And another friend. Then I noticed the florescent light had loads of wasps trapped in it. I’d been invaded.

Here’s a question – if you kill 13 wasps in the space of 10 minutes and then have to keep your window shut to prevent any more from getting in, does that imply there’s a nest nearby? God, I hope not…

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  1. Dave C says:

    Why did you feel the need to kill them?
    To prove the superiority of the human species?

  2. Pete Ashton says:

    Because if I put them outside they’d just come back in again.

    I wasn’t proving anything. I was probably putting them out of their misery since they were trapped next to the strip-light and would dead soon enough.

    And anyway, they’re wasps. Get over it.


  3. Elsie says:

    Something similiar happened to me one hot sticky night back in June. I fell asleep with my window open and my lamp on. The familiar buzzing woke me up: to cut a very long story short, a total of 7 wasps were removed from my room (2 alive, others sadly found dead a few days later – they had flown too close to the bulb). I shut my window and listened to hard little wasps headbutting my window desperate to get to the light. It was spooky.

    There is a nest nearby, in my neighbours roof. Unfortunately nobody can get access to the roof to kill them.

    What does a buddhist do if he’s allergic to wasps?

  4. Vaughan says:

    Wasps? Kill them all. KILL. THEM. ALL. I hate wasps. I’m terrified of wasps. Every single one of the irritating little f***ers can die, as far as I’m concerned.

    This cannot be overstated enough. Wasps must die.

  5. Rog. says:

    The only good wasp is a dead one. I note that orders placed with trapawasp.co.uk before 3pm are delivered the next day.

  6. Mardou says:

    I put a sign up in my room saying ‘No wasps’ and it actually worked for about 2 years.

  7. Me says:

    Is it the African Wasp or Bee that let’s out a pheromone on death that alerts others close by to attack?

    Check their passports before tackling the next one!

  8. matt b says:

    Dude, if you have that many wasps it might be a good idea to find out if you have a nest on your house. We had one on the back of the house the first summer we lived here and there was serious waspage. Sorry wasps, but really the best thing to do is to have a man come out and put poison gas into the nest. If your landlord is any good he will arrange the whole thing for you gratis.

  9. Shaun says:

    I’m with you on the whole wasp/bee debate even though I was once persued by an aggressive bee for over half a mile along the sea wall at Minnis Bay. What freaked me out was that I was cycling full pelt to get away from it. It eventually gave up and started bothering two women who had just been laughing at me as I sped past shouting and pointing “Bee”. How I laughed as they flapped their arms and retreated into thier car.

  10. Dave C says:

    “What does a buddhist do if he’s allergic to wasps?”

    Avoid getting stung.

    There is no need to kill something just because we don’t like it or are afraid of it. Sadly this happens all too often and is why we no longer have any wolves or bears in the british isles and have to go and see them caged up in a zoo.

    Pete almost made the word ‘Buddhist’ into an insult :)

  11. Kats says:

    You’d have a hard job trying to cage wasps…

  12. Pete Ashton says:

    With a wry smile, Dave, with a wry smile.

    Thinking about it, one tends to kill the animals one is not superior to. I bow down before the intellectual and industrious might of a ants next, for example. I cannot compete, so I destroy. Same for wasps. I take pitty on the poor stupid moths and release them (or ignore them). Wasps are different.

    Issued an all-points to the flatmates – there was a nest on the house a few years ago so they may have come back (if they do that). In which case we call the council and their extermination machines.

  13. Pete Ashton says:

    10pm and the first wasp appears. This could be a long night…

  14. mooncat says:

    we used to have these little jotters at school – I think they were used for noting the spellings we were suposed to learn.

    There would be a group of us around a bin in summer & you’d wait for a wasp to come buzzing in & whap it one with te jotter so it would crash to the floor, dazed, then you’d stamp on it.

    we’d have quite a game of that…
    wasp colonies would be depleted – but then – there were always more wasps

  15. Jim says:

    Wasps are the chavs (or neds as we call them up here ) of the insect world. They have no obvious purpose in life apart from intimidating normal people reading their Gaurdians and eating their continental style sandwiches. They wear unsightly naff yellow and black stripes (insect ‘burberry’) and will inflict injury upon anyone they take the slightest dislike to.
    They travel around in gangs and like to drown themselves in lager. Your lager.
    I mean, case closed, ya?

    But it doesn’t mean you have to kill them. What about trapping it under a tumbler and releasing it in a florist or greengrocers (near the mangos)?

  16. brendadada says:

    There must be a nest nearby. This time of year they swarm. A new queen wasp from an old colony clears off with a whole gang and tries to establish another one somewhere. They are dead dodgy when they’re swarming, stingy-mad, when normally they leave you be if you leave them alone. And it’s very hard to catch a swarm, until they’ve settled down and start nest building.

    The council will only deal with wasp swarms and nests on private property if they pose a threat to public safety, like they’re near a bus stop or a school playground or something like that. The Neighbourhood Office keeps a list of private firms that will do this sort of thing, or there’s the local version of Rentokill (but don’t use them).

    A very drunken Irishman in his late 60s came and removed a wasps nest from under the eaves right outside my bedroom window. Same kind of aggressive wasp behaviour as yours, and I’d already been stung twice. This plucky fellow borrowed a ladder, prodded and poked the nest down with a stick, then blasted it and all the stragglers, with a big blowtorch. Crude, effective, and approx 20quid.

    Calamine cream is good if the little bastards do get you, and an antihistamine pill. Good luck! :)

  17. Gordon says:

    Wasps are the psychotic cousins of bees. Bees will, pretty much, leave you alone once they figure out you are not a flower. I’ve worked in the garden whilst swarms of bees buzzed to and fro along the flower bed I was weeding.

    Wasps will sting you on the way past just for kicks. They are like that school bully who would slap you round the head as he walked past. No warning, no reason.

    Wasps must die. I feel a URL purchase coming on…

  18. Rog. says:

    Freezer spray (used to cool electronic components) does the job quite nicely – can be used on smallish nests too. RS part number 497-274 if you don’t have any to hand.

  19. Dave C says:

    Vinegar on a wasp sting.
    Bicarbinate of Soda on a bee sting.
    (or is it the other way around?)

  20. Anna says:

    I have a mnemonic for that: “Bee (B) for bicarb means vinegar for wasp”

    So, you’re right.

    Definitely sounds like nest is nearby. I recommend getting a length of fabric netting (get it from a fabric shop or John Lewiss, it’s about a quid a metre) and pinning it around your window so you can leave it open and the bugs can’t get in… and call pest control to sort the wasps out for you!

  21. Pete Ashton says:

    Only two wasps last night, both before midnight. The second was a bit surley but two isn’t that unusual. Maybe the thirteen were swarming off to somewhere else and got distracted by my light wuth the rest of them are currently messing with someone else’s eaves ? I can but hope.

    Netting is a keen idea. I’ve been thinking along those lines for a while.

    And I’ve not been stung once, but then I don’t get stung unless I deserve it. Just not stinkey that way.

  22. Marv says:

    one of those little handheld hoovers is quite a good way to deal with wasps

  23. brendadada says:

    Netting is a great idea. You could use an old bit of net curtain. Genius.

  24. Pete Ashton says:

    No wasps at all tonight. I think I must have caught them in transit.


  25. Marco says:

    OMG you see a wasp you kill it, who cares. BUDDIST……tehehe.you make my laugh and cry at ur craziness

  26. Paul says:

    Lat September I sat on a wasp on the beach – an inch from you know where. Ouch. This year April made a smoothie and drank a wasp which stung inside her mouth. Called NHS Direct, went through long dialogue about our post code being incorrect by which time it was clear that there wouldn’t be an adverse reaction. Even so, the GP suggesed piriton and after three days she was back to normal. My Mom used to kill wasps with her thumb – brave lady – obviously not a Buddhist though.

  27. Ezron says:

    Wasps, the devils workers!! I hate wasps, I detest them, every one of them little black n yellow belly monsters. Evil, pure evil. I hate the little whizzy things. I stay up at night, quite content on my own tapping away.. but oh no, sumone else wants to join me, and maybe he will bring a few of his friends.

    Buzz buzz buzz, right this second I can hear him, I cant find him. My problem? I just cant kill them, I’m a good lad I dont kill things, Ok so I may spend a good hour trying to trap the little buggar in my “just cheese” sandwich container, and if it fails sleep in the car… but since I have lived here I have had nothing but trouble with them, there must be a nest.

    WELL my little winged friends, this time I win. Tomorrow, I move house :p (and your not invited)

  28. pixeldiva says:

    13 of the buzzy bastards? *shudder*

    Given the levels of adrenaline that I had killing just one of them this morning, I’d probably have been as high as a kite after killing that many.

    Or I’d have screamed like a girlie, run from the room and refused to go back in there until there was someone else in the house that could kill them all.

    Just because I have an epi-pen, doesn’t mean I’m in any hurry to use it.

  29. Kay says:

    I have no idea if they’re wasps outside my window, but I keep books on my window cill and for three nights now, I’ve had the occasional two on my light bulb – that doesn’t bug me. And after the 4th one today, my mum decided to take a look at the window – and viola – 13 dead wasps… I have no idea where they’re coming from, but they rarely wander over into my room, just always on the window cill – i have NO IDEA what to do – or where they’re coming from – any suggestions – i’m TERRIFIED OF INSECTS – ESPECIALLY ONES THAT STING!!!!

  30. netty says:

    Every morning for the past 2 weeks there have been wasps on my kitchen windows (when I have switched the light on). I assume that they are attracted to the light, but they are secretiong some sort of fluid onto my windows. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

  31. Pete Ashton says:

    Perhaps they’re trying to sting the window? The fools!

  32. James says:

    I can’t stnd this anymore. I live out in New England so i know not to keep the window open at night…over here thats suicide…i dont no how anyone cood keep a window open at night, buy a fan or an air conditioner…now i no y u people have wasps but anyways ya i have a lot of wasps in my area and it is november and just when i thot it was safe from wasps..they come right through the crevices of my shut window…i have a phobia of hornets so im afraid to kill them…

  33. Anonymous says:

    Buck up you big jessie

  34. Diana says:

    I live in Scotland and its rather cold in the winter. We have had a series of wasps appearing in December and January – all killed by husband after my terrified yells. We must have a nest but had no problem during the summer with wasps so why are they appearing in the house – large ones – mid-winter? Any ideas??