I'm an artist, writer and ponderer, working in Stirchley, a suburb of Birmingham in the North West of Eurasia.


Email: pete@peteashton.com
Tel: +44 (0)7775 690 106

Do not private message me on some corporate service. I proabably won't see it.


Visit the Writing page for an overview of my words.

I've been blogging on and off since 2000. I intend to focus more on my writing over the next year and this site will evolve to reflect that.

I'm self-taught at writing and that, but have a bit of a blind-spot for typos (possibly undiagnosed mild dyslexia, or similar) so expect the odd clunker here and there.


My art portfolio site has my artworks with documentation.

I'm a self-employed freelance artist practitioner. If you would like to hire me on that basis (or on some other basis – I'm not too fussy) here is my CV.


I send a "what Pete's up to" email out every so often. It's probably the best way to follow my work. Subscribe here.


I'm always involved in various things, often with other people, which have their own websites.


I'm an experienced photographer and photography teacher. I'm figuring out how best to showcase my photography on this site but for now the good stuff gets dumped on Flickr.


I have content on / give data to the following commercial online services, though my use fluctuates. It's always best to email me than DM or similar.

  • Twitter (links to blog posts / newsletters only)
  • Instapaper (links to things of note that I might write about here)
  • Vimeo (videos I make)
  • Pinboard (booksmarks for research)
  • Flickr (photos)

I have a secret Facebook account for those parts of life that require it. Please ignore it if you stumble upon it.

I'm registered on WhatsApp with my mobile phone number, should that be more efficient for you.

Latest Posts

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  • A new Curtis lands
    So there's a new Adam Curtis film out. It's 8 hours long over 6 chapters and in it he attempts to explain, or outline a theory explaining, how we have gotten to where we're at at this moment in time and why the world doesn't seem to be working for anyone anymore.
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    It's funny how despite knowing that my energy levels graph like in sin-waves, with a peak followed by a trough, when I'm at a peak I […]
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    Been a while. Day off today with nothing on the todo list for a change, so let's try something new. I got very confused this week […]
  • Exeunt Corbyn
    Jeremy Corbyn has left the Labour Party.
  • The Sunday Pete
    Archive of my newsletter for Sunday 25th October 2020
  • Arts & Ents – a links special
    The Blackness of Radiohead, Bob Mould on fire, a history of Flash games, discovering This Heat, scale double actor Kiran Shah, Nurse with Wound's list, and Nick Cave.
  • Links for Thursday 1st October
    Judith Butler, Modern Monetary Theory, parks and recreation today, for the Lulz, The Social Dilemma, Trump and Hamilton.
  • Thoughts on The Social Dilemma
    Netflix's documentary on the dangers of the surveillance capitalism industry gives me hope amongst the Lovecraftian dread of social media.
  • Heritage Socialism – a working definition
    First stab at defining a term I came up with and think is worth developing.
  • Links for Saturday 26th September
    Mario Speedrun, Covid transmission update, Solarpunk explained, disruption is bullshit, tri-parenting, not reading books and Punishment Park.
  • Links for Friday 18th September
    Richard Seymour's Twittering Machine reviewed, dyslexia doesn't exist, plastic recycling is a lie, rich people are pointless, hacking Tony Abbott's passport and a Paul Lansky tune.
  • Dome Up
    We built a geodesic dome in the back garden and it is awesome.
  • Economics and Epidemiology
    The pandemic has shown us how a lot of things we took for granted actually work.
  • Links for Tuesday 15th September
    Fungi, Zeynep Tufekci, paywalls, Trevor Paglan, meritocracies, reality denial and Ogmios.
  • Photographs as data
    A rough draft at introducing the base concepts for machine learning and image recognition.
  • The Practice of Words
    I've been thinking about how I can run my websites to best serve my writing.
  • Revising the 1972 Project
    Making sense of how we make sense of the present by looking the events of 50 years ago.
  • We desperately need social media literacy or the fascists will win
    My irregular polemic on the social media and its problems returns.

Photo by Fiona Cullinan, Line art by Jonny Graney.