This is Pete Ashton’s website

I’m an artist, working with cameras and all that entails, based in Birmingham in the North West of Europe.


Tel: +44 (0)7775 690 106


I’m a self-employed freelance artist practitioner. If you would like to hire me on that basis (or on some other basis - I’m not too fussy) here is my CV.


My art portfolio site has my main works with documentation.

Blog & Newsletter

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2000 and currently maintain a chronological web-based journal of my life and interests at

I send a “what Pete’s up to” email out every so often. Subscribe here.


A list of all the events I’m running, am involved with or want you to know I’m attending.

Workshops and Talks

I run workshops on photography and technology which you can commission me to run.

I do a fair amount of public speaking. Here’s a few talks I actually remembered to record.


I’m involved in various things, often with other people.


I still put my fancy photos on Flickr because where else is there? If you want to use my photos, for free or for a fee, here are my wishes.


I have content on / give data to the following commercial online services, though my use fluctuates. It’s always best to email me than DM or similar.

I’m registered on WhatsApp and Signal with my mobile phone number, should that be more efficient for you.

Photo by Fiona Cullinan, Line art by Jonny Graney.